Petition Alberta Legislature for Schools Jurisdictions to Create Comprehensive Standalone Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression Policy for Students

So, Citizens United for Human Rights have written a petition to the Leg Assembly and are looking for as many supporting signatures as possible. The petition has been approved by Parliamentary Counsel and once tabled in the House is a matter of public record (that doesn’t mean Google, it means it’s in the Leg Library.) . MLA Michael Connolly will be presenting it. Please sign if you can. You must be a resident of Alberta to do so.

We, the undersigned residents of Alberta, petition the Legislative Assembly to urge the Government of Alberta to introduce legislation to ensure the full inclusion, safety and promotion of human rights of sexual and gender minority students in all schools and educational facilities in Alberta by requiring that all school boards create a comprehensive standalone sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression policy for students.

EPSB has one in place already. Not all school boards do. Hence the activism the same group of us have been doing with ECSD around the right of a 7 yr old girl to use the girls’ bathroom at school. Our hope is for no school board to have the right to deny existing human rights to any students; that mandating the rights in school board policy will mean they cannot wave at a student or supportive parent and say, “see you at the Human Rights Tribunal in 3 years” (where the school WILL lose, because it’s law, but they hope the cases get dropped because of time and expense) while the young person suffers… if the young person even has someone who supports and stands up for her/him/them.

If you are an Alberta citizen and have not yet signed the petition, you can download a copy at the link below, print, complete and mail the original to:


c/o 10608 105 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5H 0L2

Download the petition here:  LGBTQPetitionstudents


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